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"Swyx and I founded Triangle (the name was my idea) on the first of May, 1987 together with Fun Fun and Tenzet. Before that we were in DCC (Danish Cracking Crew, ed.) which was founded around November 1986. I believe I started coding around half a year earlier, motivated by Cozmix. I bought a C64, my first computer, together with my big-brother probably sometime in 1985.

I was always a coder, first and foremost, sitting with my eyes glued to the screen and my fingers rushing over the keyboard. I did compose a bit of music, swapped with a few lamers and made one bad reset-crack (!), but there was no point in doing that, since there were other guys in the group who were much better at it than me. The only good thing that ever came out of it was the tune Fun Fun and I did for The Byte Bite demo in 1987; at least we liked it a lot! So I sticked to what I was good at: coding. I guess I was a bit of a nerd back then. (Understatement of my life!) Then Swyx taught me beer drinking, and it all gradually changed...

The last part of Road of Excess was my final work on the C64. At the time of release, the screen had been finished for more than a year, and on its way for I don't know how long... The coders that I owe the most respect to are Cozmix, who to some extent `raised' me as a coder, and TCD as well as Einstein (of Upfront), who I always admired for being the greatest coders on the C64. Besides these guys, I also owe a lot of gratitude to Swyx, for always supporting me while working and kicking my butt when it wasn't good enough, for introducing me to beer and all that led to (no, not the hangovers!), and for being a great friend.."

Handle: Chix
Real name: Carsten Lindholst
Birthday: 08/09-1971
Present occupation: Software Engineer, M.Sc.
Triangle Proffesion: Coder
Favourite C64 games: Impossible Mission, and loads more I can't remember. Games were never more fun than on the C64!
Favourite games (any platform): Dune II and all the good clones. Too many to mention. Games were never more time consuming than on the PC!!
Favourite music: Everything from Mozart to Bob Marley to Midnight Oil to Metallica.
Favourite TV-shows: TV shows are just pastimes to me. Comedy/SF will do the job. However, limited series can be great, especially crime stories. "The Prime Suspect" series is an absolute favorite.
Favourite movies: Loads. "12 Monkeys" and "Se7en" should be representative.
Favourite books: "Sphere" and "The Andromeda Strain", both by Michael Crichton, just to mention a few. In general, SF and good thrillers. And, of course, cartoons!
Favourite food: Plenty.
Favourite drink (non-alchoholic): Water.
Favourite drink (alchoholic): Guinness, when poured correctly.
Sparetime activities/Hobbies: Badminton, Running.

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