The Triangle Memberlist

"What happens to the present when it becomes the past?"

- Stephen King, "The Langoliers"


So, what did happen to the Triangulars? Well, most of them are either attending university or having a real-world job. During the years I have kept in touch with Spot and Scratch so it was no real feat to get hold of them. However, tracking down the other members has been an interesting task. Some of them have succumbed to the banality of the mundane world and have forgotten all about their C64 past. Some still have their old computers, and even use them from time to time, but haven't been in touch for years - and are genuinely surprised when told that the C64 scene still lives and even more when confronted with the modern-day achievements of the machine. Some of them still carry the torch for the ways of old and, in some cases, contacted me before I could get a chance to locate them myself.

  • Anzax
  • Cozmix
  • Tenzet
  • Xor


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