Michael "Fun Fun" Troelsen

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" 10+ Years Ago, I bought my first 64 at the age of 14.

I was one of the original founders. With Kaare, Carsten, Jonas. (then called DCC).

Handle: Fun Fun
Real name: Michael Troelsen
Birthday: 27/03-1971
Present occupation: DBA/System Administrator/System Programmer.
Triangle Proffesion: Music and Trading (Modem Trading/Import)
Favourite C64 games: Pirates (Microprose)
Favourite games (any platform) Red Alert(PC)
Favourite music: Mostly Heavy Metal. But I listen to a lot of other stuff,
Favourite TV-shows: X-files
Favourite movies: MIB
Favourite books: Check out my home page. Mostly SF, Stephen King and Tom Clancy
Favourite food: I'll eat almost anything. Italian food ranks very high.
Favourite drink (alchoholic): Beers(Tuborg), Vodka and rum.
Sparetime activities/Hobbies: Bicycling
Homepage: http://home4.inet.tele.dk/mictro/
E-mail: mictro@post4.tele.dk

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