In Media Res: Swyx/Triangle


Current age:

What was your first computer and when did you get it?
Vic 20, 1982

Groups you've been in:
Triangle (started in 1987!) + 2 rather unknown groups, called SFC and DCC

The proudest moment in your career:
Being able to quit the C64, still being respected by everybody!

Most loved/hated person(s)/group(s):
I never hated any groups/Persons!
Most loved person: My girlfriend: Tina!
On the computer scene: Ixion / Triad, Jeff Smart, Mic / NBB, Upfront, Matchham / Network...

What are you doing nowadays?
Studying (computer science)
Teaching computer science to 8:th graders

Favorite beer:
Carlsberg (probably the best beer in the world)

Free comment:
Nice to hear that somebody still thinks about "the golden days"; I sure miss them from time to time! Looking forward to receive and read your mag!

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