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The Qed Interview

Written by Qed himself, and first published in the FairLight DiskMag Reformation, probably in 1993.

Qed Interview 2

On a rainy night in 1995 Motley/F4CG and Qed/Triangle met on the IRC channel #c-64. The result was this interview.

The following interviews were originally published in Per "ZiKE!" Carlbring's In Media Res


Published in In Media Res #1, back in 1992. Reprinted in In Media Res #2.


Published in In Media Res #2.

The Illegal Years

Triangle members regulary contributed to the Illegal magazine, especially Swyx who was part of the Illegal-team. The following excerpts contain Triangle-related information found in Illegal issues 22 through 31.

For more info on Illegal stop by the official Illegal Archives, maintained by King Fisher/Triad.


News in brief: announcements, short notices, etc.:



"Diary of a Triangle crack"

"Remember those Diary-of-a-game features in Zzap64, Commodore Force and those other great magazines of yesteryear? I always thought "Wouldn't it be cool if someone did a diary of a crack for a change?". Of course, nobody ever did. Back in December of 1990 I decided to do something about it and write one myself."

- Qed, from the introduction.

Gamers Guide, Issue #06

[Gamers Guide Screenshot]] The Triad diskmag "Gamers Guide" often featured Triangle Cracks, and I was thrilled to see this bit of text in the 6th issue.

Be sure to check out the official Gamers Guide archive for all issues.

Scene+, issue #1 (december 1997)

[Scene+ Screenshot]] This review was written by Sundancer/Fairlight, and published in the "Monuments" section of Scene+.

   (The text has been reproduced below for those of you with bad eyesight or text-only browsers. :))
What's the URL?

What's the big deal?
   Triangle were founded in 1987, and are today remembered as the cream of the C64 demoscene. Together with Upfront and Bones, they were the hardcore programmers of their time. What may be unknown to many, is that Triangle also did quite a job on the cracking scene. Quite a few of the original members originated from DCC ("They make 'em - we break 'em!")[1]. Triangle released their last crack in late 1992.

What is online?
   In short, every single file ever produced by Triangle. The complete history of Triangle, aswell as information on the membmers. Everything you want to know, actually. And, to top it all, an impressive collection of photos and screenshots from their intros. You might even find you hadn't seen before.

What's the conclusion?
   Why are you reading this? Go there - NOW!

[1] It is true that a fair number of Trianglers were previous members of DCC (Danish Cracking Crew). However, the "They make 'em - we break 'em!" slogan does not have anything to do with DCC. It was the trademark of the legendary Danish group "Danish Crackers" (or DC for short).
Sun Dancer later explained that the two almost identical names had him puzzled. :)


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