The QED interview

Introduction, by Watchman/Fairlight:

"Here is an interview with the famous QED of Triangle. The interview turned out to be rather different, mainly because QED does the quite a the work himself! The major part of the interview is actually a diary of a crack he made. The interview was first published in the FairLight DiskMag Reformation, probably in 1993."

And now we talk to the rising star of the new right QED of TRIANGLE, conducted by himself as nobody else was near... Take it away!

Q: First lets hear a bit about yourself.

A: I'm 22-year-old DANE, brown eyes & hair, 182 cm tall

Q: You are not one of the elders in triangle, how long have you been with them, and where were you before ?

A: I'm an elder alright, as I'm one of those that lifts the average triangler age (While Scratch and Zark pulls it down). No seriously, I joined Triangle in the summer of 1990. I started my computing in a crew called "GCC" which was an abbreviation of "Gigabyte Cracking Crew", which was just around everyone in my town with a computer. We were just laming around and made "demos" on various letter-makers.

Nobody had any technical knowledge, except for myself. (I actually learned machine code on a VIC-20 (my first computer))I then did a major cleanup in the group, kicking everyone who didn't do anything useful (all but me!). Later I learned that my old playmate also had gotten a C64 and was proficient in MC as well. He joined the group and together we (QED+TSW) started to code seriously. TSW knew a guy who also could code a little, and we swapped our demo's. This dudes first demo's were ripoffs of other peoples routines, but he was a damned fast learner, after he got his Reference-Guide. Today this dude and I are in the same group, as he is nobody other than SPOT of TRIANGLE.

GCC and another local group "SKULLS" then joined forces and created "THANATOS" which I coded some (lousy) demos for, while learning to crack a few easy single-loaders, SPOT also joined, and coded our demo for the 2000AD Party (which came in 4th.)

I got a lot of help on cracking from SCRATCH of TRIANGLE, and as THANATOS joined Pulsar, I concentrated on cracking. In the beginning of 1990 I felt confident enough to start cracking multiloaders and I became Pulsars main cracker...

In the middle of 1990, I got fed up with Pulsar, and as I got an offer from Triangle (Scratch was now a good friend of mine) I joined them...

Q: Don't you do anything else but cracking, I have heard something about some kind of packer?

A: Yeah that's true! I have been improving on the Equal Bytes Compressor for some time now, and three versions have evolved from my fingertips, needless to say all being better than the previous version. The latest in the series (V1.8) is really powerful.

This summer I started to develop a level version and it is very near completion, but like all my tools it won't be spread.

Q: Let's hear a bit about the gear you use (hard- & soft-ware).


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