Qed Interview 2

On a rainy night in 1995 Motley/F4CG and Qed/Triangle met on the #c-64 IRC channel. The result was the following interview:


Ok, let's talk about your C64 Scene background.... When did you start, why, how and for How long?


When: 1986. Because it would be cool to get something better than a Vic20. And because I already had started collecting c64 stuff (I borrowed a machine from time to time).

How long: I still consider myself to be active (yeah,right). But I ceased cracking around the time Creatures II came out. Did a bit of work on my charpacker & level-charpacker, but it kinda grinded to a halt.


What about your REALLY REALLY first group, your other groups and your LAST GROUP, tell us a bit about them.


The *really*, really first one was just me and a friend. We weren't really a group, we just invented a groupname as we cracked a game(Psycho Shopper) on the Vic20. Later on I got my 64 and myself and another friend formed a group called GCC. We just did really lame demos, but we knew a guy who was cool (later on I ended up in the same group with him...Spot/Triangle).

Spot sent us some of his demos, and we sent some back. And learned a bit from one and another. Later on, I met some other guys and we started working together. This became Falcons for a few days, but Falcons joined Pulsar, and we went along. I was still doing demos and utilities, but then in '88 I started to loathe demo-coding. I still liked to watch other peoples demos, but I didn't want to code anything. I won't say I didn't know how to code all the cool effects... coz I never tried. So I started cracking.

... I wasn't too good at first, but when I met Scratch/Triangle things started to happen. Scratch taught me a lot of stuff. I can still remember the day I cracked my first CyberLoad game. Boy, was I proud. :) Anyway, I joined Triangle about the time Hammerfist was released, and have stayed there ever since.


What are your best Scene memories ever?


Hmmm. when we finished 2nd at Dexions party (Odense, 1988), when people told me I did a kick-ass version of a game, grabbing my moped to visit Scratch and crack a game or two. My 721 blocks version of Dragon Breed (G*P did a 1100+ blocks version. :)) My trip to Sweden to visit the FLT'ers. But most of all, my dearest memory was when I started IRC'ing and people recognized me and told me that they really liked the stuff I did.

My "problem" has always been that I haven't known too many people in the scene. I didn't care for swapping except with a few guys (Aaron/FLT, Bacchus/FLT and Zap/Sharks). So I quite seldom got feedback of my efforts. But suddenly people were recognizing me on IRC and telling me, to my face, that they appreciated my efforts. That just about has to be the best memory I have. :)

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