The Ranger

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"When my kid-brother changed school, one of his new classmates' brother had a C64. This turned out to be Scratch of Triangle - who in turn would later ask me to join Triangle as a swapper back in 1989 or something. I remember being at the Dominators / Upfront / Trilogy party in Randers, as a Triangle member.

Today, I don't have any computers at home - even though I make my money by selling the stuff."

Handle: The Ranger
Birthday 03/10-1973
Present occupation Wholesale computer dealer
Triangle Proffesion Swapper
Favourite C64 games Tetris, Impossible Mission, Bruce Lee, Cybernoid
Favourite games (any platform) Warcraft II (PC) - Net-version only. The computer opponents suck.
Sparetime activities/Hobbies Music. Collecting CD's. Puchasing as much as 5 per week.

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