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I bought my first computer (a Vic 20!) back in the beginning of the eighties. When, one year later, I obtained my first C64 (I've had 4 of the kind) I soon started swapping games and I became interested in programming Basic.

When I was introduced to the underworld, I formed a group called SFC, of which Tenzet soon became a member. I was taught by a classmate how to do LDA's and STA's, and suddenly I had a pretty good understanding of the concepts of assembler programming… Somewhat later, Danish Cracking Crew (DCC) was formed and our programming- and cracking skills improved drastically. This all lead to the forming of Triangle...

Handle: Swyx
Real name: Kaare Heinsen
Birthday: November 17th 1970
Present occupation: I'm employed at a business college where I work as a teacher and a system administrator (Why of course… quitting computers to get into… computers!)
Triangle Proffesion: Coder, Cracker
Favourite C64 games: The classic games, such as Bruce Lee, Impossible Mission etc. The older games had soul - not just good graphics and outstanding music!
Favourite games (any platform): These days I rarely play computer games, but certain Sony Playstation products, like WipeOut, tend to excite me.
Favourite music: Music is a very important part of my life. I love music in general, and I listen to almost anything except from heavy metal, hip hop and trash.
Favourite TV-shows: That's a tough question to answer as I very rarely watch TV. What I do like to see though is a program on philosophic and/or astronomic issues. In the past I was often blamed by Chix for not watching "Twin Peaks", and I'm convinced that he would hate me for saying that I don't even watch "X-files" on a regular basis!
Favourite movies: Another tough question... The last movie I saw was "Seven", which I enjoyed despite the fact that I was half asleep during the last hour of the movie or so.
Favourite books: I'll have to get back to you on that one!
Favourite food: Almost anything that's spicy... and plenty of it!
Favourite drink (non-alchoholic): Definitely Coca Cola!
Favourite drink (alchoholic): Carlsberg - probably the best beer in the world.
Sparetime activities/Hobbies: Pool, biking and sailing (in the summer), skiing (in the winter), sleeping and what ever you can do in bed besides sleeping.
Additional: I was one of the formers of Triangle. Actually, the way I remember it, Chix and I got the idea of forming the group and also figured out the name of the group. Back then we all were an ambitious bunch of teenagers, but of course no one realized what great part of our lives computers were to become. When I think back, it seems like the Triangular era lasted for en eternity, but it really didn't… did it? This probably means, that it all meant a lot to me at the time; sure we were good friends and had loads of fun, but I have to admit that I don't exactly miss the copyparties, the long overseas phone calls in the middle of the night or spending more than a weekend cracking some stupid low (or no) quality multi-load game.

Of all the people that I used to consider being my friends, I would like to greet a few special friends (despite the fact that I'll forget several people): Chix (for being a true friend), Ixion/Triad (for writing those cool letters), Jeff Smart/Triad, Matcham/Network (I'll never forget the TimeCruncher deal), K. Niemeier/DLD (for always being there), Bingo/Gamebusters (for introducing me to the scene) and the entire Upfront gang (for the fair competition - a rare thing back then).

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E-mail: kh@ghs.dk

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