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Back in the mid eighties, 3 of my friends and I formed a group called The Bombjacks 1212. I'm sure you have never heard about it before. I think the group lasted for a year or two before it dissolved. One of the members "Zoro" joined Triton Technologies, later to become known as Upfront. I later joined The Dominators which was well known for their cracks. I think I was in dominators for almost a year before joining the best demo group in the world, also known as "Triangle 3532". According to the time line I joined Triangle in the summer of 1988. I never really left triangle, even though I joined Upfront in late 1990. To this date I've never released anything for upfront.

What's up with Upfront you might ask? Not much really, I still keep in contact with "Zoro" and "Einstein", as a matter of fact they are some of my best friends to this date. What do I remember the most about Triangle? Well, the great time we had together and the parties. Well enough about the golden days. For further information you can contact me via e-mail.

Handle: Trinity
Real name: Jens Lehn Sørensen
Birthday: 6th of July, 1972
Present occupation: Right now I'm working as a programmer among other things for a credit agency, located in San Jose, USA. I will have to return to Denmark sometime in January 1997, because I have to do my military service. There's no way out of it - believe me I've tried about everything.
Triangle Proffesion: Coder, make sure to check out our demos.
Favourite C64 games: Armalyte, Delta and a bunch of other games that I can't remember.
Favourite games (any platform): Speed Ball II (still undefeated to this day), Turbo Raketti (still undefeated to this day), Z, Doom, Super Cars II, Lotus and the list go on and on.
Favourite music: I don't really have any favorite music, but here is some of the stuff I listen to: Sound Garden, Metallica, MegaDeth, Stone Temple Pilots (just returned from a concert with STP in seattle. It was pretty cool to say the least), G'n'R, Tony Braxton, Janet Jackson and lots of others.
Favourite TV-shows: Let's see, it must be X-Files, 3rd rock from the sun, Beavis'n'Butt-head (won't be long before the movie will be out "Beavis'n'Butt-head do America")
Favourite movies: There are a lot of good movies out there, so it's pretty difficult to name one specific movie as my favorite movie, but Forest Gumb is among the top 5.
Favourite books: I haven't read a book for a long time, so I can' come with an honest answer to this question.
Favourite food: Most Italian and Mexican foods.
Favourite drink (non-alchoholic): Whoooohh non-alcoholic drink, isn' that unhealthy? Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7up (especially with vodka and a lime), orange and apple juice.
Favourite drink (alchoholic): Hard liquor like vodka and rum is my favorite and of course Tuborg and Budwieser will also do.
Sparetime activities/Hobbies: I don' really have that much spare time right now. But going to parties, the mall, movies, Surfing the Internet, watching TV is some of the stuff I do after work.
Homepage: Don't have one yet.

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