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  • First Triangle release in 27 years.(17/04-2019)
      Fun Fun released Siddetector V1.0. Nice comeback considdering that Fun Fun didn't code back in the day.

  • Two missing cracks added.(11/03-2012)

  • Missing crack added.(02/02-2012)

  • Missing crack added.(08/01-2012)

  • Missing crack added.(06-09-2010)

  • Six missing cracks added.(27-07-2008)
      Die Hard, MASK, Slimey's Mine, S.O.S., Terramex, and Tintin on the Moon have been added to the releases section. Major shoutouts to the C64heaven posse for bringing these to my attention.

  • Two missing cracks added.(13-12-2007)

  • "Triangle Classic" added.(20-09-2005)
      Tarnow/Digital Nerds has created a pixel-perfect remake of old Triangle Parts using Java. Download here or view in your browser here.

  • Photos added.(03-01-2002)
      Thanks to Groucho/Upfront for locating a couple of photos from the Ikari-Zargon party.

  • Files collection fixed. (10-10-2001)
      Turned out the webhost had disabled FTP access without telling me. Everything is now available via HTTP instead.

  • Filenames changed in accordance[1] with filename conventions to ease searches through Commodore FTP search. (29-01-2000)
      Thanks to Per "UL-Tomten" Bolmstedt for the help.
      [1] Except for the "# -> docs" convention which is plain silly as long as Internet Explorer can't handle the '#' character in filenames.

  • Added "3D Construction Kit" to the cracks section. (08-12-98)
      Here's another crack I thought was lost forever. Thanks to Cmdr. Roc for the copy.

  • Added "New Zealand Story" to the cracks section. (31-07-98)
      For some reason this file has been available on Sharkbite Online all the time, wheras the link never made it to these pages. Sorry for any inconvenience. Grab the game and start making up for lost time.

  • Triangle Online reviewed in Scene+ issue #1
      Go to the "Interviews, articles, etc..." page for the full story.

  • Old news:

    Triangle 3532 hits the web

    In many ways, the Internet has been a saviour for the C-64 society. New users are discovering the machine, veterans meet old friends, new hardware and software is being produced, and huge archives can be found on the Net. Now one of the C64's legends of yesteryear, Triangle 3532 finally establish their own web-presence.

    The internet is a very exiting place for C64 fans. So what if all your friends stopped using it years ago? Get on the net, make new friends. Simple, isn't it?

    Although it has been quite a while since Triangle has released anything, many of the old members still have their Sixtyfours. However, I found that none of them use it as much as myself. I guess I'm a sad old nostalgic. :) Being sort of the last of the Mohikans makes one even happier to be able to do ones bit for the online society. Over the last year I have devoted time and commitment to bring Triangle to the masses - and now that it finally happens I feel very relieved. Now excuse me, I need to recuperate for a month or so. :)

    Entire Triangle collection available

    An index of all Triangle 3532 releases; including demos, utilities and games can now be found online for the first time - along with the actual files.

    Since I got on the Net, quite a few people have asked me for copies of various Triangle releases. However, I decided to stop doing requests as I would be in no position to serve everyone. Now that the files are online, people have the level of service they deserve: The entire Triangle collection - online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The Triangle Online mini-F.A.Q.

    Q) What is Triangle, anyway?
    A) Triangle 3532 (or just plain "Triangle") was founded on May 1st 1987 and has since gone down in history as one of yesteryears most famous C64 demo/cracking-groups. Unlike many other groups, Triangle always strived to pursue quality over quantity and speed - consequently a release was never rushed. A demo or crack was never released before it was good and ready.

    Q) Is Triangle still active?
    A) As the supply of new C64 software slowly staggered to a halt so did our activities. As a demo/cracking group Triangle could have coped with the lack of games... Unfortunately, real life caught up with us. People got older, got their exams, and went on to university / jobs / etc and what was to become the last Triangle crack was released in december of 1992. Can the group can still be considdered alive? I think so. Triangle was not just a bunch of guys releasing software. I know it sounds corny, but to me Triangle was a state of mind - a Zen thing. And as such it can never truly die - that is why I still considder myself a Triangler with all my heart.

    Q) Why "3532"?
    A) Most of the original members came from a group called "Danish Cracking Crew", or DCC for short. Anyone with half a brain and a hex/decimal converter should be able to figure the rest out for themselves.

    Q) Why didn't you do this long ago?
    A) I have been working on these pages for a couple of months, and the idea is even older. In fact, the first version of the page was done back in January 1996.

    Q) Are all your releases really online?
    A) Almost. A few files are offline due to bad/missing disks, etc. Please consult the want-list to see what I need.

    Q) What about the amiga-section?
    A) Triangle was originally a C64 group and gained notoriety for their activities on that machine. An amiga-section might be up at a later day, but for now this site is designed with the C-64 in mind.

    "I am C64 of Borg. Amiga is irrelevant!"

    Triangle 3532: The online solution to your confuzion
    Everything (C)1996